I’m growing tired and a little roughed up
By the hands that deal and the hands that hold us up
With where I’m going and where I’ve been
Hard times have been my compan-y
So I said this is what we’ll do
While you’re waiting for your handout to come
You can write a song and sing it through
Something we’ll both listen to
And in the end when the record’s done
You’ll wonder where it all came from

One dark night as the rain appeared
I pulled up a chair and sat here with you
Two guitars and some rusty strings
Tell us what to do and we’ll do any-thing
We sang each song as they fell off the tree
The nectar of each one would leave us
A little drunk, it was hard to quit
After we got into it
Though it was good and it was fun
Of the songs we played, we had wrote none

Just saying the words doesn’t make it come true
You gotta leave this house and write a few tunes
Just singing the song doesn’t make it new
You gotta leave this house and write a few tunes
What I saw took me by surprise
We started meeting up in the evening time
Getting together to work things through
My time with you was good and true
And in the as the reckoning came
We didn’t win but we learned to play the game


from TAKING THE LONG WAY HOME, released March 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Richard Laviolette Guelph, Ontario


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