Someone to Tell My Story When I'm Gone

from by Richard Laviolette



Though I try to organize
Things still take me by surprise
Dust flies up into my eyes
And leaves me hanging on
My childhood’s a blur somehow
One day I’ll forget me now
I might need someone to tell
My story when I’m gone

I spend time with all my friends
I like to hang out with them
They cluck around like old hens
And tell me when I’m wrong
They call me when I’m all cooped up
Bring me soup and help me up
I might need someone to tell
My story when I’m gone

Pieces of me disappear, I lose something every year
They say one day I won’t be here to tell the road I’m on
Whether it takes guts or glory, I won’t die here feeling sorry
I might need someone to tell my story when I’m gone

My folks have been around the bend
They’ve been there and back again
Been to hell and made some friends
That they’d bet their life on
No when we sit and play our music
I write it down so I don’t lose it
They might need someone to tell
Their story when they’re gone

When I’m old and no one knows me
Flicker out like those before me
Winter’s come and we walk slowly
To the land beyond
Think of what I’ve left behind
Who is still around to find it



from TAKING THE LONG WAY HOME, released March 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Richard Laviolette Guelph, Ontario


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